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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Neon M5?

It has been a busy week, eh?

As with Mars.2 RC2, things are looking fairly good, but more work needed than in Mars stream before the Neon release (not too surprisingly).

I see all repositories and features are 'enabled', that's good.

I see two new projects contributing (based on b3aggrcon files):


And two files removed:

gyrex (still participating in release, just not in the repository)

I hope that "sounds right" to everyone.

I would have sworn I saw more than "two new projects" declare their intent to participate, but have not gone back to look.

Project leads and release engineers should be sure to frequently check the repository reports, such as at

Things are a little worse in terms of bundles missing legal files, bundles that are not signed, etc. I hope all those can be fixed "early", such as in M6 (they should be correct every build!)

= = = =

As usual, later tonight I will send out a note when the repositories are "done" for this week (there are still some builds running).


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