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[cross-project-issues-dev] SWT plans to move to Java 7

Hi everyone,
There is interesting work to detect UI thread issues at compile time[1] but this works requires Java 8-style type annotations. As this is quite important topic (IMHO) together with some other reasons a bug for updating SWT to Java 8 was raised [2]. The concern there was that jumping from Java 5 to Java 8 at once would be too big of a change (people involved in the bugs/discussions feel free to correct me). As a result a middle step - updating to Java 7 for Neon [3] in in the plan now. Active SWT committers, Project lead and PMC members (2 for now)  are in favor of the the change. If you have any concern about that plan please raise your voice with good arguments. 
For me - we as a community have to decide - progress with the cost that might come from that or stay compatible as long as possible and stagnate. 


Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

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