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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Improve Startup Performance ofEclipse

>From: Ed Merks
> Doing work on a Job definitely makes like easier for the main
> thread, so it's definitely a good option.  The advantage of
>IStartup is that it happens after the IDE is painted so that approach has
> zero impact because it 100% offloads the work...  But if no one
>can use it,  because it might be disabled, it seems crippled.   In
>terms of the concern about users disabling IStartup, I wonder who
>actually knows how to do that?  I.e., is this more a theoretical problem
>as opposed to a significant problem?

I suspect it is a theoretical problem. Not many users do this level of tweaking of their settings. And if they deliberately went in and disabled your plugin, maybe they are right and they don't actually need your plugin! A user is in a better position to make this judgement than a plugin author.  I guess the preference page description could be changed to "Plugins activated after startup." to clarify your point about the timing.


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