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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Anyone (still) using BCEL?

> Has there been precedent of packaging a non-final release in Orbit?

That has been done before (with IP staff's blessing -- some restrictions may apply).
Ideally it would only be done if fairly sure it would be formally released before our
formal release ... but, not a hard requirement, as long as well communicated.

One "mechanism" by which this is done, is to make obvious in qualifier it is "not final", such as to use
x.y.z.draft<normalQualifer>. That way "draft" is pretty "low" and would be replaced by anything starting
with "v" as it would be the final version (if, by chance, say, their release was exactly the same as their
release candidate). If you go down this path, you can open Orbit bugs and discuss on orbit-dev list.

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