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[cross-project-issues-dev] Anyone (still) using BCEL?


Object Teams is facing problems after the platform's move to Java 8,
because our traditional bytecode weaver is based on BCEL 5.2, which
cannot handle Java 8 bytecode.

While we have a new ASM-based weaver about ready for prime-time,
I would love to keep the BCEL-based weaver as an option.
(They do have some fundamentally different properties).

Are any other Eclipse projects are (still) using BCEL?
I can see that BCEL has fixed the problem in their code.
While a BCEL 6.0 release is dragging over many months now,
maybe we could adopt their latest release candidate into Orbit?

Anyone to join forces?
Has there been precedent of packaging a non-final release in Orbit?


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