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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Neon?


I've started getting set-up to do "dual" aggregation builds. I'm document steps in Bug 472652 .

I've created a Mars_maintenance branch, for that September release, and of course Neon will continue to come from master. Starting off the two branches should (at this point in time) have the same content.

I have enabled the aggregation builds for "Neon". I think I'll wait a bit, and make sure those are working reasonably well,
and then turn on the remaining Mars jobs in a day or two. (validation is "on" for both of them ... but, I am not sure the Gerrit validation job is correct ... there may be a few "false failures" for a while ... or, just a likely, a few false successes! :)

Just wanted to announce there, so if you wanted to start "warming up" (for either) to feel free to add your latest contributions.

And, if you get a "failed" notice, please attend to it soon (even if you haven't changed anything! :) so we can make progress getting everything "set up" correctly.


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