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[cross-project-issues-dev] [AERI] Short Status Update

Greetings cross-projects,

I’d like to give a short status update 3 weeks after the Mars release. 

It’s a bit of a surprise to me but we (only) receive ~7K error reports per day. This is roughly 6x more traffic than during the milestones. It looks like the various filters and caches in place work well enough. A fair share is caused by third-party plugins but most issues are still issues in the Eclipse codebase.

I also like to send a big Thank You! to the Eclipse Foundation admins: The error database download causes more traffic than I initially estimated but so far we did not see any network outage nor did webmasters threaten me with violence. Nevertheless, we will improve that for SR1...

We also had a serious proxy issue on Windows (as discussed before on this list) which has been resolved with the aid of an AERI user.

Some numbers:
Before the Mars release we had ~275 FIXED Bugzilla tickets created from incoming Milestone error reports. I’m happy to say, that in the meanwhile ~50 more bugs have been marked as FIXED [2] and likely will be available in SR1. In the first two weeks we had ~10K new error reporters and I estimate this number is even bigger now.

If you are interested in more numbers before the release, you may find these slides interesting [1].

My personal perception is that AERI is making more and more friends in the Eclipse committer community but only a couple projects use it as extensively as I had hoped. For those committers who tried but do not use it regularly, I’d be happy to hear what you find disturbing and/or how to improve. For a list of open feature requests, see [3]. 

You may also consider sending weekly error report digests to your project’s dev mailing list instead to individual committers to share the workload.

Keep in mind: SR1 is not far away :-)


[2] (note: query shows ~10 bugs less when NOT logged in as committer)

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