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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status of Mars Release ... and Neon!


I mention this in Bug 470512 , but I plan to do the "final tagging" of on 6/25, one day after the official release.

Please make sure your b3aggrcon files have their "final URLs" in them by that time (if not before).

One reason this is important to you (your project), is that I will shortly after that date (probably the following week) branch that project so that 'master' will be used for Neon,
and Mars_maintenance will be used for Mars September release. So if your URL prevents a successful initial test build, then, you will have two streams to fix, instead of one.

Other than final Mars URL, please wait to change anything (in  for Neon, or Mars maintenance until you get an "all clear" message here to cross-project list.


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