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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [aeri] network connection test code accidentally points to URL

After discussion with many, based on the advice of the Eclipse Foundation, we will respin to fix this.

They are concerned about the "trust reputation" of Eclipse, and the error reporter itself. That even if the bug effects very few people, it could be enough that "rumors" would start, and everyone trust Eclipse a little less, and many might turn off (or, never turn on) error reporting, since never trusting what data its sending where.

I plan to do this respin in a "surgical" way ... forcing all other inputs to be identical to what is already in the release candidate,
except for the one b3aggrcon file that is effected.

Between the work that needs to be done, and the 6 hour timezone difference, we expect to be done "late" on Thursday (guessing "end of day, Eastern time) with the re-work that is needed: component rebuild, if not done yet, repo re-spun, and EPP re-built. That will still leave Friday for any confirmation that needs to be done, and to begin to re-populate the mirrors.


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Hi cross-projects,

I’m sorry to bring a mistake on my side to the PMC’s and cross-projects’ attention. This issue may require a respin. Details are provided and discussed in [1].


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