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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Rebuild process ... and question for sapphire

Sapphire is in the “would like to contribute a new build, but not critical to ask for a respin” category. RC4/Final includes a couple of minor fixes and documentation polish.I was caught up with family responsibilities and unable to contribute the build in time last night. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if simrel included our RC3, but there is no risk to anyone on the train from RC4 as fixes are safe and no one on the train is consuming Sapphire.




- Konstantin



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Often, when doing a rebuild, as motivated by serious WindowBuilder problem, I would "freeze" all other content (to what is already in repository) except for the projects we specifically know are re-submitting.

In this case, I am going to first try a normal re-build, and will just trust that no one else is "sneaking in changes" AND that everyone's repo is still "build-able".

At the fist sign of trouble, though, I will go back to the "frozen content" method. Which brings me to my question for Sapphire.

I noticed Sapphire changed URLs and qualifiers in b3aggrcon file. Is that only a move to final URL? Or were there some changes you want in the final version? I'm asking only to know if I should include Sapphire in "frozen" group (if needed) or in "known-rebuilding" group? (If the later, please document "what's changed" via bug numbers, etc., so everyone knows.


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