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[cross-project-issues-dev] Rebuild process ... and question for sapphire

Often, when doing a rebuild, as motivated by serious WindowBuilder problem, I would "freeze" all other content (to what is already in repository) except for the projects we specifically know are re-submitting.

In this case, I am going to first try a normal re-build, and will just trust that no one else is "sneaking in changes" AND that everyone's repo is still "build-able".

At the fist sign of trouble, though, I will go back to the "frozen content" method. Which brings me to my question for Sapphire.

I noticed Sapphire changed URLs and qualifiers in b3aggrcon file. Is that only a move to final URL? Or were there some changes you want in the final version? I'm asking only to know if I should include Sapphire in "frozen" group (if needed) or in "known-rebuilding" group? (If the later, please document "what's changed" via bug numbers, etc., so everyone knows.


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