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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder that Sim. Rel. build input Git repo is now "under Gerrit"

I have had a few questions on this lately about "why can't I push to .../gitroot/" ... and the answer is that now we've moved to use Gerrit to "push changes".

Basics are described in

and if you are new to Gerrit, you might find some of the comments in this cross-project thread helpful.
(I'd like to turn that into a FAQ someday ... lots of good info in that complete thread, including alternative approaches, etc.).

And, before "new to Gerrit" people panic, this does not mean you *have* to use Gerrit Review to get your changes in, but, you do need to change your "push URL".
master-->master still goes "straight to Git repo".
master-->refs/for/master goes to Gerrit for "test build" and Review and must be explicitly "submitted" to get merged to the master branch.


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