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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars release reviews

We're working through the many IP Logs that have already been submitted. I haven't yet had an opportunity to take stock of what's missing; if you haven't yet submitted your Mars IP Log for review, please do so ASAP.

Also, please complete your review materials and get PMC approval by June 3rd.

I'm using Bug 465718 as the master tracking bug for Mars. I'm creating blockers for each participating project as you make contact with me either by direct email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx or by submitting an IP Log for review.

Note that you should think of the IP Log review as a checkpoint rather than an absolute record of everything that is in the associated release. You can, for example, continue to accept contributions after submitting the log. Please continue to accept contributions after you submit the IP Log.

Please do make sure that your IP record keeping is always current. This should be easy for contributions received via Git. Similarly, please ensure that your project team is following the process with regard to third-party libraries (e.g. wait for approval before distributing any libraries), so that that record keeping is also always up to date.

Please keep in mind that approval of third-party libraries is version specific. If you up-rev a third-party library, you probably need a new CQ. My review process--before handing an IP Log over to the IP team--is confirm that your project downloads matches the CQ record. I'll ask you for help if I can't match a third-party artefact to a CQ.

Thanks, and happy releasing!


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          France 2015

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