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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars RC1 Staging repository is done

Please test the usual location:

A couple of caveats.

1. WindowBuilder is not in there. There were issues with some of their packed jars, and as I understand it they had trouble with their build system recently, and while we have exchanged a few emails about things they can and plan to do, I have not heard anything for a week or so, so not positive exactly where things stand.

2. Some of the links in the "repo report" are broken. I saw this a few days ago, and always assumed I would be able to fix them up by hand, but now, due to other issues, discovered I can not. The most important broken one, is the "unsigned" report. It's correct URL (temporarily) needs an '8' added:

Assuming no blocking issues are discovered, I'll add this to the composite repo at .../releases/mars approximately 10 AM Friday (Eastern).

Thanks all!

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