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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] New reports for "versioning".

Max, and others,

The links I gave point to the "new" reports ... if you navigate to the "top most" page of the reports,

(Which is also listed at the top of the Simrel HIPP aggregation page, )

besides other reports, you'll see a link to the "Reports FAQ" which, in turn, points to the information you are asking about.

"See the Reports FAQ for more information about the code that generates the reports."

It's fairly up to date. The largest piece of "missing information" is work being done by Dennis Hubner -- pretty cool stuff -- which will be merged into 'master' soon. (currently in dhubner/junit branch).

(Besides a few "new" tests there in that branch, and some polish to the existing code, Dennis has paved the way to "build a product" which will make installation and re-use of the tests much easier for individual projects -- I'll announce more when that work has been done).

Hope that helps ... and hope others get as excited reading about it as I did! :)

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Date:        05/13/2015 06:29 AM
Subject:        Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] New reports for "versioning".
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On 12 May 2015, at 22:12, David M Williams wrote:

> I've added two new reports to the "repo reports". They each compare
> their
> version, with the version to what it was in Luna SR2a.
> The new reports look like those below.

Interesting - where is the code that does these reports ?

we got something similar in jbosstools/jbosstools-versionwatch but
if we could reuse or merge with yours.

btw. tried following your link to I'm getting
server not found.
Haven't had that happen before ;/

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