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[cross-project-issues-dev] group ownership changes

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that as part of working on some project health metrics I've been correcting group ownership in parts of to bring things into alignment with our current practices. Mostly this has affected Modelling sub projects, and I've
included a list of groups and what they now own.


modeling.emf.cdo /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emf.query /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emf.teneo /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emf.transaction /home/data/httpd/ modeling.emf.validation /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emft.b3 /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emft.eef /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emft.texo /home/data/httpd/
modeling.emft.henshin /home/data/httpd/
modeling.m2t.jet /home/data/httpd/
modeling.m2t.xpand /home/data/httpd/
modeling.mmt.atl    /home/data/httpd/
modeling.mmt.qvt-oml /home/data/httpd/
modeling.tmf.xtext /home/data/httpd/
technology.nebula.incubator /home/data/httpd/

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