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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Heads-up: core.expressions has increased to "3.5.0"

Am 01.05.2015 um 08:20 schrieb Eike Stepper:
Am 30.04.2015 um 23:00 schrieb David M Williams:
The current validation error has to do with common navigator, and I've seen some notes that's going to be managed and Tyme adjust (I assume with a "warm up build"?)

But, even after that, or, if we we temporary disabled Tyme, then I think it was Oomph that will show up next with an incompatibility on "o.e.core.expressions".
Thanks for the hint. I've fixed the problem in Oomph, promoted a new build and submitted a simrel Gerrit review with the new repo URL. The Gerrit CI build is successful.

I'm not used, yet, to the new Gerrit-based aggregation. Is there anything else I need to do? Am I supposed to +2 the review myself to have it merged?
I think I found the answer in .

So I'll approve the review myself...



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