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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads-up: core.expressions has increased to "3.5.0"

The current validation error has to do with common navigator, and I've seen some notes that's going to be managed and Tyme adjust (I assume with a "warm up build"?)

But, even after that, or, if we we temporary disabled Tyme, then I think it was Oomph that will show up next with an incompatibility on "o.e.core.expressions". We've increased the version to "3.5", and apparently many projects have defined a narrow range pre-req such as [3.4, 3.5). Since I've seen several "conflicts" with that change, thought I'd announce it now, instead of letting teams discover it one at a time. Any adjustments and "warmup builds" would be helpful to "keep things building".


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