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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Updates from the Automated Error Reporting

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 4:53 PM, Marcel Bruch <marcel.bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi cross-projects,

I’d like to share some numbers collected over the last weeks. Over all we have collected ~130.000 error reports since it’s inception which have been clustered into ~9.000 error groups. Out of this ~600 errors have been tracked in bugzilla. 75 errors (better: their bugzilla tickets) have been marked as duplicates of other bugs, ~25 have been marked as works for me or wont fix, and 176 error reports have been fixed so far.

We currently receive ~1.000 error reports per day with a tendency to less and less error reports. I’d love to say that’s because our projects fixed so many issues but that’s likely not the only reason why this number if falling. However, I do believe that this trend is great - but I hope we can still get a bit better as well.

Below I’ve attached the list of the most frequently reported issues of the last 14 days. Maybe some project committers have time to have a closer look at some of them. If no one complains, I’d like to post the latest trends to cross-projects every, say, two weeks so that committers or contributors get an idea which issues they can help to fix.

If some project feels offended by this report (which I don’t intend with that email - but could understand), let me know. Either I will remove your project from this list or completely drop the idea of sending a list of the topmost open issues.

All the best and have a great weekend

EGit / JGit:

1. IOE in FS.readPipe (431) 181 -

this was fixed 2 weeks ago
and I linked a couple of instances of this problem report to the corresponding bug 
but I won't continue manually linking another 181 instances of the same problem
it looks like duplicate detection has a problem ...


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