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[cross-project-issues-dev] Who has pushed emf 2.10.1.v20140901-1043 to


Projects using the xtend maven plugin as part of their build have seen
build failures since yesterday night!

I think the reason is a mismatch between the version scheme used by this
unknown person who uses

2.10.1.v20140901-1043 vs the artifacts at maven central use

Beside causing trouble to many projects the bigger question is whether
we need a strict policy who is allowed to push stuff to nexus on behalf
of e.g. the emf project.

/me thinks that if you are not the project owner and you need artifacts
not published by your favorite project you better do that in your own


Thomas Schindl, CTO EDV Systemhaus GmbH
Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 5-7, A-6020 Innsbruck
Reg. Nr. FN 222302s am Firmenbuchgericht Innsbruck

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