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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Your friendly error reports bot is suspended

Yes, efxclipse is currently not tracked and before sending you emails, we need you to state your interest.

Since efxclipse can be installed on top of any existing Eclipse installation and to get most out of it, I think we should consider to equip more EPP packages with the error reporter. 

So far it’s part of the committers and modeling *Mars Milestone Builds* package since M3. There are requests pending to add it to the Java [1] and Scout [2] package. But maybe we should consider adding it to all EPP packages by default - similar to the EPP Marketplace client?

Since the quality of the platform (and our extensions to it) is of critical importance to many of us, I think it's an important and necessary step to learn about any kind of problems our users experience.

In the meanwhile the error reporting client got a lean UI making it easy for clients to report issues. The server side also got it's own UI (decoupled from Bugzilla), provides means to help committers triaging problems, requesting further information etc.

Projects like JDT, Egit, Xtext, Sirius, ECP and others embrace the error reporter as new input source for finding errors in their code base. Projects like the Platform, PDE, CDT carefully start using it and even a fair share of UI freezes have been recognized and fixed [4].

Although challenging, we made recognizable progress in detecting similar reports and prevent committers from being flooded with duplicated error reports.

The EF offered the necessary technical support and infrastructure to set up that service for the Mars Release.

All these points make me believe that adding an automated error reporting client should be added to the Eclipse IDE as a whole - similar to the EPP Marketplace client.

Adding it now to M5 also has the advantages that the server gets a fair stress test before the release, we get the chance to spot many more issues, and last but not least committers will be able to make an informed decision by M7 whether or not to integrate it into the Mars release.

When we started the initiative, 20 committers on this mailing list supported the development of this feature [3]. What’s your feeling after 2 milestone phases? I created bug 457180 to track your feedback and opinion about adding it to all EPP packages with Mars M5. Thanks for casting your voice.



> On 10 Jan 2015, at 09:11, Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Do I = e(fx)clipse have to opt-in explictly if i want to go with option 2?
> Tom

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