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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Webtools JSDT considering new Bower integration

Same with CDT. In fact we have a lot of floating parts that we depend on and depend on us, almost cyclical. It's only an issue when APIs change and we just manage those cases carefully.

But with the size of they simrel, the offset model is out dated, especially if the number is days.

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OCL is at +1 but depends on Xtext at +2.

We build at +1 against the latest Xtext I-build incurring a risk that we might have to rebuild again at +2/+3. Hopefully such a rebuild would fix only trivial problems.

We have been doing this for over a year and recall only one problem that was stressful given the short timescales but not that hard.

The risk is much reduced if your dependents provide I/N-builds regularly and do not make last minute API changes. This is necessary anyway since if you do not monitor your dependents until you do your final build you give them only hours to respond to the bugs that you reveal; no chance; you have to fudge a workaround. With regular latest state builds you can often report bugs within a week giving plenty of time for retraction/resolution.

If your build options are correct a rebuild can produce the identical deliverables making the rebuild test easy. We had to eliminate obsolete practices such as mapping.ini in which the build time was incorporated into source and so guaranteed a pseudo-change.


        Ed Willink

On 08/01/2015 20:40, Chuck Bridgham wrote:
I'm posting this to cross-projects because we are considering a change that requires a significant dependency (jGit).
A new contribution to JSDT revolves around support for Bower _javascript_ package manager runtime, and this has a jGit dependency.
Our biggest issue from a build standpoint is we (WTP) have a +2 offset, while jGit is +3.  I'm actually surprised this has remained at +3.

I'm looking for advise how to proceed, what options do we have to consider this change?  Ask for jGit to move to +2?  Change the packaging
of the JSDT bower support to be optional?  What have other projects done in this case?

Thanks - Chuck

Senior Architect,
WebSphere Developer Tools, Eclipse WTP PMC Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC

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