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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars M3 repository is now visible.

Markus and I have "turn on" the Mars M3 content in the built-in repo at .../releases/mars

It now is a composite of M3, M2, and M1. For those new to the Sim Rel train, or a reminder to others, we typically try to leave 3 milestones in that composite. There are times, though, that this doesn't work and causes problems. So, if anyone notices such a problem (where old stuff is installed, that should not be) please open a "cross-project bug" and we'll consider "disconnecting" earlier milestones.

The EPP packages will be made available, at
but so far only 4 package maintainers have given their +1s, so the expectation is the rest will come trickling in later today. And once they do, they will be made available for download.

I will re-enable the mars aggregation job, and promote a new version to staging later today, as I know there are some waiting to take a look at some new contributions.

Greatest thanks to all of you participating in the Simultaneous Release.

As always, if there are issues or questions, don't hesitate to ask, here on this cross-project list.

Much thanks,

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