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[cross-project-issues-dev] A new (second) Orbit S-build for M2 - primarily of interest if you use Tomcat

I don't often announce Orbit builds here on cross-project list, but, since we came out with a second one, I did want to alert a wide audience.

There's not much difference ... but the motivating factor was the newly added httpcomponent bundles were found to be unusable, but I think they are repaired now, AND the other significant, coincidental difference is that lots of old "Tomcat" bundles were removed (each Tomcat release consisting a 10 or so bundles) so ... if you use/need an old version, you'll either have to get it from an p2 repository, or, move up to the latest (which is what's recommended, since many of the releases fixed security issues, and similarly important bugs.

See Orbit mailing list for more details,


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