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[cross-project-issues-dev] Release records for Mars

Hey folks.

A lot of projects have already declared their intention to participate in Mars. I've been updating the participation page [1] as these declarations come in. The deadline to declare participation is M4 (December 19), but there's no reason to delay.

For those of you who have not yet declared, here's a little help...

To create a release record in the PMI: log in, visit your project's page, and click "Create a new release".

Minimally, provide a name for your release, and set the date to June 25/2015. Once you have this, send a note to this list informing the group of your project's name, participating release name, and your project's offset in the build order. I'll take care of updating the participation page.

Note that initial project plans should be captured by M4 (December 19). At that time, it'd be great to see a few sentences of description and a theme or two. The description is what we'll use to describe your contribution in our press, blogs, tweets, etc., so providing a good (concise) description is a great way to help us help you.

Note that we added a feature recently that automatically populates the Issues tab on your release by matching the release name to corresponding target milestone entries in Bugzilla [2]. We are working on some theming that will better contrast fixed vs. open bugs. If there is anything that you feel we can do to make this better, please open a bug against "Community/Project Management & Portal".

If you have any questions, please ask.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          Europe 2014

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