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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up on small change in "availability time": 9 AM to 10 AM (Eastern)

Just so everyone knows that to expect ... Markus, Christopher and I have discussed our "coordination" on Friday mornings, and decided it would be easier to target 10 AM (Eastern) to make the repository visible, and (in many cases) the EPP packages visible at about that same time. Of course, there will be times that the EPP package will still be delayed ... since that depends on many things ... but we know that 10 AM will be easier to coordinate than 9 AM, just given our work schedules, time zones, etc.

We'll see if this works better ... but since I like to sleep till noon, I'll still have to set an alarm. :)
[And, just kidding, I do like to sleep till noon, but that hasn't happened in yeas.]


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