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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Remove CVS from Eclipse packages?

On 06/26/2014 05:54 PM, Markus Knauer wrote:
10 out of 13 Luna EPP packages contain EGit: cpp dsl java jee modeling parallel php rcp scout standard

The same number (10), but not necessarily the same packages, explicitly include the CVS feature. Maybe some package maintainers have good reasons to include it (other than historical reasons), but I think it should be easily possible to remove CVS support from most of them. (Personally, I've got one single use-case for CVS, and that is Orbit.)

I'd propose that you open a bug for this and/or bring it up on the epp-dev mailing list. I'd be happy to remove it from "my" RCP/RAP package, but other package maintainers may have other use cases. All in all, it sounds doable. Thanks for bringing it up!
Here is the bug:
And this message is cross-posted to the epp-dev list.

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