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[cross-project-issues-dev] The "Final Daze" for Luna

I've updated the "Final Daze" document for Luna's release. See

For the majority of people, here's a summary of what you need to know (and do) between now and the release date of 6/25:

1.        Clean up old builds on downloads and move previous releases to archives.
2.        Provide data for Infocenter docs, for bug 436372.
3.        Put your final bits in their final resting places, with their final names, early -- during quiet week -- but don't advertise them, and don't make "visible" to the world. Be sure to change, correct or add metadata -- such as download.php mirror URLs -- so they are correct for final location and names.
4.        On official release day, Wednesday, June 25, check cross-project list approximately 9 AM Eastern to make sure there is no "Wait!" message. Once you see a "Go" message, you're free to advertise your release and make visible to the world. (And, while your thinking of it, just as well update Foundation's metadata to change "planned" to "completed", etc.)
5.        Keep an eye open for a few hours to make sure no reports of "bad things happening", but otherwise Blog, Tweet, Celebrate!

And, when I say "majority of people" typically one or two people per project actually need to do anything, but everyone else might just like to know what's going on, help test, etc. (not to mention, blog, tweet, and celebrate! :)

Of course, the actual wiki document goes into much more detail, if you'd like to read all about it ... and, actually, for those that have not been through it before, it would be a good idea to read the whole wiki document ... there's no way those 5 bullets would make sense to "new comers" but I hope are adequate reminders for "old timers".

I hope you find it helpful ... and hope your "final final testing" is going well.


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