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[cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson job polling tips

Hi Everyone,

Occasionally we see Hudson jobs configured for polling which are far too aggressive by polling every minute. If your polling job looks like this "* * * * *" it is configured to poll every minute. You should instead consider configuring your job using the Hudson built in @hourly, @daily, etc... which will set up a more reasonable polling interval. However if you do require a smaller polling interval consider setting it to 5, 10 or 15 minutes to give your job a chance to finish polling from the last polling attempt instead of polling every minute.

For example:

*/5 * * * *   # for 5 minutes
*/10 * * * *  # for 10 minutes
*/15 * * * *  # for 15 minutes

Another tip I wanted to mention was about using the file system instead of the git web URLs such as git://, ssh://, http://. The Hudson servers are configured with the same mount points as so you can actually poll from git at the file system level. For example instead of using:


You can simply use /gitroot/cbi/org.eclipse.cbi.maven.plugins.git as your git clone URL. This will cause your job to poll directly from the file system and not cause any additional network connection to occur and saving our services from the extra polling load. As an example our CBI project build jobs are configured to pull from the file system level URLs [1] (Committers at Eclipse can login and see the job configuration).

Hope this helps,



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