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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Two "late breaking" changes coming in Orbit bundles: ICU4J, and org.objectweb.asm

2. org.objectweb.asm

This probably effects far fewer people, but is a much larger, and "breaking" change. Not "API breakage", no change to your code

There is a breaking API change that has impacted Xtext and OCL.

The problem is that ClassVisitor changes from an interface in ASM 3.x to a class in ASM 4.x.

Fortunately the problem only shows up when a shared class loader tries to load the other library. This does not happen on equinox if plugins keep ASM out of their API, as both Xtext and OCL do.

The problem occurs in standalone applications that only have one class loader and so use the first ASM on the classpath. Applications need to tolerate whatever other standalone contributors or legacy startup commands may inflict. Therefore Xtext [1] and OCL [2] are both evolving to tolerate a range of ASM libraries.

Applications should be aware that they must not export ASM and must tolerate a wrong ASM when running standalone.



        Ed Willink

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