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[cross-project-issues-dev] Two "late breaking" changes coming in Orbit bundles: ICU4J, and org.objectweb.asm

I've just promoted an Orbit build, that has two significant changes, which (I hope) will be in this week's Platform I-build as well.

1. ICU4J: Version jump from 50.x.x to 52.x.x

I suspect 90% of you have been through this before, and already follow our advice, that since ICU4J has their own system for numbering versions, that its recommended people specify only a "minimum" requirement (and, I know many still specify 3.x.x or 4.x.x). We know that team works hard to maintain API compatibility ... even though you can't tell it from their version numbering.

But if any of the other 10% of you still specifying a "maximum" (which we do recommend in nearly all other cases) you may need to remove or adjust it.

And for the one percent of you who want to stubbornly continue to use 50.x.x, remember that ICU4J is one of the rare cases of an Orbit bundle that has to be a singleton. So, we need to line up.

And, I'm sure those of you who make heavy use of it already know, but you can see their release notes and documentation on their site, such as

2. org.objectweb.asm

This probably effects far fewer people, but is a much larger, and "breaking" change. Not "API breakage", no change to your code, but to your MANIFEST.MF file. We recently found out (thanks Mat) that the "third party" project (objectweb ASM) had (last release, which we skipped) started to "break up" their one jar into 6 smaller ones and, even, provide their own OSGi bundles. So the "5.0.1" version that has been in Orbit for a month or so did not follow their pattern, and in fact, could conflict with it "in the wild", so we felt we had to change and follow their pattern -- just to be good citizens, if nothing else ... but in some cases, will allow tiny fraction of savings in size. Unfortunately, they choose to leave "org.objectweb.asm" as one of the smaller bundles (so we could not use that as an "umbrella bundle", reexporting the smaller pieces) so anyone who "requires" that specific bundle, as some have for years and years, will likely get compile errors on the new "5.0.1" due to missing classes, and you will have to add which ever of additional org.objectweb.asm.xxxxx bundles you need. See the Orbit download page for complete list of 6, and/or see Bug 431820 for the discussion and resolution of the issue.

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