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[cross-project-issues-dev] What to do during Kepler SR2 quiet week?

I'm sure everyone knows that final builds are done ... but we always wait a week before formally releasing. This is partially to give one last chance to test for serious regressions. (If found, In most cases, we'd encourage projects to simply provide "patch features" on their own sites, if possible, but recognize that in some rare few cases a complete rebuild is required ... such as something can not install or "update" correctly due to cross-project issues).

So be sure to test at least that "SR1" levels can be updated to "SR2" ... and to do that you might need to (re)read

and see EPP note for EPP repo locations

(the idea is to effectively "simulate" what will become a composite repo next week, that has three children, Kepler, Kepler SR1 and Kepler SR2.)

A second thing to do is to prepare your final sites and pages. You can begin any time to move code to their "final locations" ... as long as you can, and know how, to "leave invisible". For "how to" see
(We encourage it to be done "early" so that the largest artifacts can be well mirrored during the week, before the actual "release day" when everyone makes things visible).

Also don't forget to archive any old releases, if you can, and/or clean up interim builds, so that mirrors can more easily "hold" all the new stuff.

Lastly, some projects may need to update their documentation on Eclipse's "info center". See
but also seems to be some issue with it, besides merely updated docs? See
(I'm not sure what the issue is).

Much thanks ... good luck ... ask here if questions or problems.

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