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[cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler SR2 aggregation is failing


For last couple of hours Keppler SR2 aggregator is failing [1] trying to find one of the repos:

[exec] Unable to load repository file:///home/data/httpd/

To my understanding the last commits before the first failing build are not related to Acceleo contribution, so it rather means that the referenced location itself had been accidentally removed.

Anyway we are now approaching the deadline and there are at least 2 contributions (Mylyn and GMF-Tooling) that can't be built right now. Can someone please advice on how to proceed from here?




Michael "Borlander" Golubev
Eclipse Committer (GMF, UML2Tools)
at Montages Think Tank, 
Prague, Czech Republic
1165/1 Dvorecka, 14700, Prague-4 Podoli

tek: +420 602 483 463

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