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[cross-project-issues-dev] Equinox no longer supports interim headers/attributes in Luna

It has come to my attention that some bundles in eclipse appear to be using interim headers and attributes that never made it into a final OSGi specification.  For Luna the Equinox framework no longer supports these interim headers [1].  This seemed like a relatively safe change since we assumed all bundles at Eclipse have long since moved to real OSGi specified headers if they were available.  I could simply add back support for the interim headers into the Framework, but I fear this will just brush the issue under the rug and result in Eclipse having many bundles that have invalid bundle manifests from an OSGi specification perspective.  Besides I would like to remove these eclipse-isms from the framework if possible.

Please test on Luna and verify your stuff is working.  If you use any of the following in your bundle manifests it is likely stuff is not working as expected:

 - Provide-Package header
 - singleton=true attribute on Bundle-SymbolicName header
 - reprovide=true attribute on Require-Bundle
 - optional=true attribute on Require-Bundle



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