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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Release train broken for MacOS?

Am 11.12.2013 09:30, schrieb David M Williams:
I can elaborate if someone is interested in the details.

Well who wouldn't be?

And ... what's the workaround for, again? :)

Well, we use the director application programmatically to install Eclipse and that failed on Mac because the director adds ",macosx-bundled=true" to the profile property with the key "org.eclipse.equinox.p2.environments". This addition enables the bogus requirement in one or two IUs of the platform repo. It's bogus because the required unit does not exist in the platform repo. So, to be clear, the platform repo is broken. It contains a unit that conditionally requires a not existing unit.

Our workaround effectively removes the ",macosx-bundled=true" string from the profile property that the director has added in DirectorApplication.initializeProfile(). We do that by wrapping the registered profile registry and intercepting the addProfile(id, profileProperties) method.



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