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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Release train broken for MacOS?

> Is someone actively working on a fix?

It's hard to speak for "everyone", but I am not. Contributions welcome.

To summarize my understanding of the issue (which is easily the wrong understanding) is that p2 introduced this new IU filter (macosx-bundled) that should be "transparent" to everyone; that we (in Platform, and Sim. Release repo) do not want this "phantom IU filter"; we have no plans to support or provide it; and most important, I do not know how to "get rid if it". (There's some vague suggestion that "every time a repo is mirrored it has to be filtered out" ... but I don't really know what that means or why we should have to if "transparent" to everyone.)

You don't say ... are you trying to make use of the "macosx-bundled" filter? Or the legacy layout? If the former, I think you can't ... if the latter, you may be able to refine your filter statement.  

Again, contributions welcome, and bug 407588 is likely best place to discuss the issues.


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