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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] proposal: active eclipse installation count service

On 2013-09-05 4:00 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 09/05/2013 02:14 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
* There will be workspace preference to enable the counting, it will be
on by default.

Does this mean that the plug-in collects statistics even if the user
does not opt-in to send stats?

No, I think nothing should recoded locally if the user decides to opt-out.

* When the plugin first starts, it will inform the user about the
counting via a popup dialog or some other UI means and the user will
have a choice to either acknowledge the counting or navigate to
corresponding preferences page and disable counting there.

 From what you describe it appears as if "no - do not opt-in" requires
more clicks than "yes - opt-in". If this assumption is correct, then why?

Quite honestly, I want installation count report to be allowed if the
user chooses not to think. I am open for discussion here and if the
consensus is to make this single-click to both opt-in and opt-out, I am
fine with it too.

Personally, though, I think Eclipse Foundation should allow installation
report without explicit opt-in but still require a way to allow opt-out.
This is what p2 is doing since 2010, so ability to opt-out will be an
improvement compared to what we have now.



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