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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for Luna M1 -- please continue ...

We actually have gotten some green builds, and there is a "staging repo" at

But it is only about half complete.

503 features and 2611 bundles (compared to Kepler, which has 946 features, and 4870 bundles).

There are still 25 project files with disabled contributions ... and more than that, if you count disabled feature or repositories.

While the deadline was today, at 5:00, here is plan B: We'll extend the deadline another day, to see if we can get a more complete aggregation repository.
If so, there might be some possibility Markus would have "enough pieces" to build  at least some EPP packages by late Friday (but, not sure that leaves enough time to call them tested).  
If not ... if we do not get enough contributions ... we will just count M1 as "failed to deliver" and move on to M2..

So, point is, if you are not yet enabled for Luna M1, please do so. If any of your "pre-req projects" are blocking you from making progress ... please let them know.


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