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[cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler SR1 RC1 staging (maintenance) repo is complete

I'm assuming the EPP packages will be ready early "tomorrow" depending on your time zone. But, as far as the sim. release repo ...

1. Check the maintenance aggregated repo to be sure it has what you expect it to have (but, as the "warm-up RC" we do not consider it a true "Release Candidate", so no need for extensive adopter testing or similar and little need of a "respin" ... unless something is truly data damaging).

2. Check the repo reports for any surprises:

3. Since the next 3 RCs will soon be coming "fast and furious", now is a good time to brush-up on "how to test" the repositories:

I have disabled the "simrel.kepler.runaggregator" job  for now, to avoid confusion, but will re-enable it on Friday, after the EPP packages are complete and declared.

Remember, there is no "promotion" of the maintenance repo to someplace else ... until we actually get to the "Release of SR1". Test early and test often is never truer than in a maintenance release.

Thanks all for making this first RC the best it could be and thanks for your contributions to Eclipse.

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