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[cross-project-issues-dev] How to have dependencies on an Eclipse project (NatTable) which is not in the release train?


   The Papyrus team is working on a new Eclipse NatTable integration, so we have several Papyrus plugins that we would like to distribute in Papyrus.

Unfortunately, NatTable is not in the release train, so we don’t know how to proceed.  Currently, if we add these plugins to Papyrus, we will break the simrel build…


Could we add the NatTable update site to the Papyrus contribution in the simrel file ? Do we need to create a CQ for that?



Additional question :

                Could we add these new plugins in papyrus for Kepler SR1?


Best regards,


Vincent Lorenzo


CEA Saclay Nano-INNOV



Point Courrier n° 174

91 191 Gif sur Yvette CEDEX


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