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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler's final staging repository is complete

I'm hesitating to bring it up, but ... in case a respin is done, it
would be good if this build could eliminate the outdated rap.rwt
bundle that was accidentally contributed by Gyrex [1]. This version of
the rap.rwt bundle contains a critical bug [2] that is fixed in RAP's
final RC4 contribution.

This bug causes IE browsers to fire requests permanently for certain
RAP applications and put the server under extreme load. Even though
RAP is not affected by this duplicate (AFAIK), I would feel better if
this bundle was not in the Kepler repository. I'm sorry that this bug
made it even into RC3, this problem is almost invisible at development
time and could not be discovered by any of our unit tests, browser
tests or integration tests.


[1] Bug 409457: Contributing old RAP 2.1 bundles to Kepler

[2] Bug 410157: [ServerPush] ServerPush requests always return immediately in IE

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