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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler's final staging repository is complete

> From: Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> On which day does "last minute" begin, as we are 13 days away from
> the release?  As a casual observer I'm puzzled by the "test early,
> test often, fix nothing" mantra.  Does today's RC somehow become
> null and void if a respin is made and serious problems arise from it?

CDO is a +2 project, so their RC4 deadline was Tuesday. So this is two days after their deadline, which is definitely "last minute". My impression is that the bug is serious and we should fix it in this case, but I think it was quite reasonable for David to request that we follow the process to make sure that all projects are informed and have an opportunity to give their input.

This particular case was a perfect example of why we need to be cautious and have a process for fixing even serious problems at this stage. In this situation a fix for a "serious" problem two days ago introduced a much worse regression that has now become a blocker. This is no reflection on CDO - every project I have worked on has had cases like this where a heavily reviewed and tested last minute fix has introduced a bug more serious than the one we were attempting to fix. Sometimes shipping a known bug is better than risking introducing a worse bug. As I said in this case I gave my +1 but sometimes "fix nothing" is the right answer.


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