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[cross-project-issues-dev] Code Recommenders and other users of org.slf4j.api

If you use "org.slf4j.api" please see bug 407797.

There's several complicated issues going on in that bug, but one cure might be if everyone "used the latest" version of org.slf4j.api (1.7.2, instead of 1.6.4).

From the b3 aggregator log, it appears that Code Recommenders is the one "pulling in" version 1.6.4.

Is that on purpose? That is, do you purposely constrain/include that older version? Any chance to move up to the latest?

These loggers (and their fragments) are a case where having multiple versions in the repository can mess up other projects -- that is, things "work fine" if using your individual project repository ... but, not once one big repository tries to "satisfy everyone".

While there might be other bugs involved causing the fundamental problem, it seems that "using the latest" would be a quick, practical solution, here at RC1.

Please comment in the bug, or (anyone) make other suggestions ... but, it is something that needs to be solved.

If I don't hear anything soon, I may try a test run temporarily disabling Code Recommenders, just to test the hypothesis that it is the (only) source of these "conflicting" requirements.


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