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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] A word on "provider names"

Thanks David. I'll be looking for this during release reviews.


On 04/08/2013 10:14 AM, David M Williams wrote:
I spent some time improving the "provider names" report, mostly for bug 400235. So it should be more accurate now.

Besides the appalling number of cases of "null" or "unknown" given for "Provider name" (which has always been true) I noticed a number of cases where people were giving the name of a company for provider name ... this is ok for a bundle that is a true "third party" bundle, but ... seems a fairly large number have been introduced for "org.eclipse .... " bundles. This seems wrong ... sort of against the spirit of Eclipse. The "Provider Name" should be "Eclipse <project name>". Here's a few that stood out ... but, could be others.

org.eclipse.gemini.jpa   1.1.0.RC1  
Oracle Corporation

Eteration A.S.  
IBM   0.1.0.v20121203-0924  
Thales Global Services S.A.S.

Please fix as many of these "Provider Names" as possible ... it'll make Eclipse look much more professional when people look at the "about box" and similar.



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