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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Capture Kepler participation information


On 15/03/2013 18:18, Wayne Beaton wrote:
How do I make that choice?
Do you like editing XML and doing revision control in Git, or do you prefer to use a web form?
No, Yes (in a CM), only when it offers me CM.

So on balance I prefer the old way so that I have CM.

How is the choice enforced?
It's not. I just need to see a plan either in the required XML format, or in the database. In the end, it's just a URL either way.

If there are two separate copies which is seen by the user?
No. If you provide an XML file, then we'll render it the old-fashioned way from a link that we'll put on the review record. Maybe I should include an optional field on the release record to hold the link.
Please add that link.


        Ed Willink

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