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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Request for comment: Provide standard update site locations

A while back I started some work on this particular issue but never took it to fruition (just lack of time).
The initial predicate is that since search engines are good at helping us find stuffs, we should use them rather than building another mechanism.

Since the p2 repos are not search engine friendly, what I had done consisted in generating a companion file that listed all the capabilities provided by a repository. Once these would be indexed by the search engine, then people would be able to search for those capabilibies (e.g. org.eclipse.emf 2.9) and be provided with the URL of a p2 repo. The next thing I envisioned with this was to allow p2 to directly call to a search engine when missing capabilities were found.


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Hi all,

I wonder what the sate of "findable" updates sites is? There has not been much progress on the issue recently. I think one problem is to have a common pattern but another problem is "how to find the update site". Today I was looking for the update site of EMF 2.9.
This is not easy. Once I found it, it could not update because the plug-ins I needed also needed a new version of xtext. So another round of hunting started.

As a user this is really difficult. P2 solved a lot of dependency problems but the new type of dependency is to find the correct update site. Once they are found, p2 does a great job...

Likewise it is also sometimes *very* difficult to find the git/svn repository of a given plug-in.

Ideally there should be a simple update site and repository search facility that allows to look up the update sites and the repository for a given plug-in or feature.

Hmm, thinking of it, it would be nice to get form a package or a class to the project, the update site, to the repository, mailing list, newsgroup, and to the correct component in bugzilla etc.

E.g. on the page could be a search button that would find the resources associated with a package, plug-in or feature.

Or does such a facility already exist and I have not found it?


On 4/18/12 6:57 PM, Miles Parker wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please see the bug below. Isn't it about time we had a good common approach to this?
> 377111: Provide standard update site locations 
> Please follow up on bug.
> cheers,
> Miles
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