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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Request for comment: Provide standard update site locations

Hi all,

I wonder what the sate of "findable" updates sites is? There has not been much progress
on the issue recently. I think one problem is to have a common pattern but another problem
is "how to find the update site". Today I was looking for the update site of EMF 2.9.
This is not easy. Once I found it, it could not update because the plug-ins I needed
also needed a new version of xtext. So another round of hunting started.

As a user this is really difficult. P2 solved a lot of dependency problems
but the new type of dependency is to find the correct update site. Once
they are found, p2 does a great job...

Likewise it is also sometimes *very* difficult to find the git/svn repository of
a given plug-in.

Ideally there should be a simple update site and repository search facility
that allows to look up the update sites and the repository for a given
plug-in or feature.

Hmm, thinking of it, it would be nice to get form a package or a class
to the project, the update site, to the repository, mailing list,
newsgroup, and to the correct component in bugzilla etc.

E.g. on the page could be a search button
that would find the resources associated with a package, plug-in or

Or does such a facility already exist and I have not found it?


On 4/18/12 6:57 PM, Miles Parker wrote:
Hi all,

Please see the bug below. Isn't it about time we had a good common approach to this?

377111: Provide standard update site locations

Please follow up on bug.


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