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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Wait ... don't release yet!

Simrel is a composite repo, isn’t it ?


So what about simply adding 1 branch to the composite which contains egit-2.3.1 and then respinnnig the packages ?

That shouldn’t take more than the week-end , even including all mirroring ?


I sympathize with Alexander (GEF) and Fred (m2e), but IMO any risk should be avoided at this time …

I’m sure the PC will make a good decision how to proceed , based on technical feasibility and risk.





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I'm obviously a little late with my "Wait" message, but given the "data damaging" bug reported by EGit, We need to think this through and come up with an alternative plan.

All those plans would involve not releasing today.

I'll call for an "Emergency meeting" of the Planning Council today at 1:00 PM Eastern to discuss possible approaches, solutions, and actions required.

Off hand, a complete respin cycle would take at least a week, maybe two, but there might be ways to simply remove EGit, putting it back at its SR1 level, producing that better known quantity, and letting EGit follow their own release schedule, as they have been.

Sorry for the late "Wait" notice.

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