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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] IT Support for Strategic and Entreprise Members

Hi Ed,

Some answers flow inline:

On 06/12/2012 04:10 AM, Ed Willink wrote:
> Hi
> I'm puzzled on a couple of counts regarding the recent 36 hour Hudson
> downtime at RC4 +0.
> Firstly, David Williams has an IBM email, so I presume he works for
> IBM, who I presume are strategic members, so when David marked the
> as blocker he
> sent an email to the web-masters. Why was there no response? Okay,
> perhaps he's not a nominated representative...

Hudson is a tier-3 service, meaning webmasters invest their "best
effort" in keeping it alive.  David set the blocker field, and the issue
was resolved as soon as webmasters were on duty the next business day. 
The process was followed appropriately.

Also, David is not a nominated representative... although, in some ways,
a man of his status needn't be  :-)

That being said -- although Hudson is not a Tier 1 resource, had someone
sent Matt or I a text message on Saturday or Sunday at a reasonable time
(in the Eastern timezone) we would have gladly resolved the issue.

> Secondly, Eclipse is a community of corporate members, committers and
> users. Why doesn't the SLA reflect this? There are many committers
> working very hard to get Juno ready, only some work for Strategic
> Members; why are there no committer nominees? and surely David is the
> number one 'committer nominee'?

The SLA allows specific people to "wake up the webmasters from
dreamland".  While we respect all our committers and users equally, and
we are grateful for their contributions, we feel that extending such a
privilege to Entreprise and Strategic members of the Eclipse Foundation
is appropriate.

> With major e4 and EGIT progress, Juno is a particularly challenging
> release. Surely on RC -1,0,+1,+2 days there should be cover on Hudson
> whose unreliability can hardly come as a surprise to the web masters?
The SLA does provide some coverage for that, as I have mentioned
previously.  Furthermore, webmasters occasionally monitor the state of even after hours, on our own time, just because we care.  We
often resolve issues as they are observed.  But we don't monitor 24/7. 
We are human, we simply cannot. 

> I feel that any committer on even a minor project should be able to
> alert the web-masters so that when a major project comes along they
> find the problem solved and no backlog queue.

You already have that ability:  Send us an email.  If we happen to read
it, we will do what we can.  If the issue is more serious, escalate it
to cross-project.  If an Entreprise/Strategic member feels that, in its
current state, the Eclipse world cannot continue, they will act accordingly.

> Can the powers that be please revisit the SLA?

If you still feel the SLA requires improvement, I suggest you discuss
the issue with your elected Committer Representatives at the Board of
Directors.  They have a forum here:



>     Regards
>         Ed Willink
> On 11/06/2012 21:53, Denis Roy wrote:
>> As we approach Juno, I'd like to quickly remind you:
>> Strategic and Entreprise Members [1] of the Eclipse Foundation can
>> nominate one or two contact people within their organization who are
>> authorized to contact Webmasters outside of the usual 8:00am to
>> 5:00pm Eastern webmaster support times.  This enables a rapid
>> resolution in case a core service [2] is preventing a
>> committer from doing their work.
>> Please see the document for more
>> information about the process and the services covered.  Talk to your
>> company representative if you'd like to nominate a contact person.
>> Denis
>> [1]
>> [2]

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