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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] More on greediness report


Many thanks for this. 

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do we know what publisher we're using? We're using maven/tycho for our builds.


On May 25, 2012, at 11:30 AM, Oberhuber, Martin wrote:

Hi all,
Here is a very quick and easy way for any project contributing to Juno to see whether their contribution has any unwanted “greedy default optional” contributions:
cd /your/contribution/repo
unzip -p content.jar | grep optional=.true | grep -v greedy
This shows whether YOU are declaring any optional dependencies which are not explicitly set as greedy=true or greedy=false.
(And should relieve David from writing the Blame script since you can easily find out yourself).
If you find any, you’ll need to use the new p2 publisher (from Eclipse 3.8 or 4.2) for your repo.
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> ... since that bundle doesn’t declare anything optional in its Manifest
> Could it be that the report blames the wrong bundle?

I see now there is some confusion about what the report is showing. It is not showing "blame" as most reports do. 

It is Just showing bundles that are required ... by someone else ... optionally but without greedy attribute.  So, yes, it is that "someone else" that is to blame, 
and is very hard to "track down". Manually or programmatically. 

I wrote this "quick and easy" report as a sanity check that everyone was moving to new publisher, and hoped we would not have to get to the point of tracking down "blame". 

If everyone had moved, and the report was "clean", we'd be done. with no blame report needed. But, as it is ... sounds like a case of "you get what you measure" ... so we need to measure "blame".  

Sorry I didn't read your comments closely enough previously. 

I'll see if I can improve the report some to keep track of "blame" ... not sure I can easily, but, we'll see.  

<image001.gif>"Oberhuber, Martin" ---05/24/2012 08:10:44 AM---Hi David, Given that I also found "219." in your greediness report, I w

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Date: 05/24/2012 08:10 AM
Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Simrel Greediness Report (was: Yet another nag note)
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Hi David,
Given that I also found “219.” in your greediness report, I was confused (since that bundle doesn’t declare anything optional in its Manifest).
Could it be that the report blames the wrong bundle?
I just performed an “unzip –p …/releases/staging/content.jar | less” and I see that my 2 bundles are 
“required optional with defaults” by org.eclipse.dltk.rse.core so I believe that bundle is to blame in this case…
I am likely responsible for fixing the “7.” one which should definitely be non-greedy especially given
that we don’t ship it from Eclipse (it’s a “works-with” pre-req).
Investigating now…
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 Thursday, May 24, 2012 9:19 AM
 Cross project issues
 Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Yet another nag note ... and, I mean it this time!

Hi David,
Still scores of projects that have not bothered to move to a current repo publisher so there are hundreds of incorrect "greediness" attributes.

Sure there are greedy optional dependencies in the repository, because it often just intended by projects. I don't understand, why are you talking about incorrect greediness? "Not a default" it not the same as "wrong".
IMHO this [1] report  is only useful for statistic purpose.
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Am 24.05.2012 um 06:40 schrieb David M Williams:
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